A.D. Chandler 7″ 45 RPM Lathe Cut Vinyl Single


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Wondertone Records is proud to present our fourth release from York's own A.D. Chandler!

A.D. Chandler has been one of my long time favorite artists and I was so pleased to work with him in re-releasing two tracks off is amazing "Tall Tales" album released in 2013. The A Side track "Together" is one of my favorites off "Tall Tales". A swampy waltzing rhythm is the backdrop to a love once lost story with a wonderful horn section invoking the feeling of loss for good measure. Side B takes a heartfelt turn with "You'll Fall Down" which if my memory serves me correctly is a song written by A.D. to his son. A beautiful story about inevitable hard times contrasted with the never-ending and unshakable love a parent has for their child. Both songs came out sounding very good on our 1950's lathe and I am sure you will enjoy these songs as much as I do. Ladies and gentleman, I give you A.D. Chandler.

Each lathe cut vinyl disc is cut to order and runs at 45rpm. Comes packaged with a black inner sleeve and clear archival quality outer sleeve.


You'll Fall Down

**A note about lathe cut records: Extra weight may be needed on the tone arm; try a penny or two.


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