Apollo’s Sun 7″ 45 RPM Lathe Cut Vinyl Single


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Wondertone Records is proud to present our eighth release from Apollo's Sun!

Apollo's Sun is the first hip-hop record we've released and I am excited to present it to you all! Side A "It Can Get Better" is a proclamation of optimism focused on how one views oneself. It's all about taking flaws and turning them into the things that make us better all set to a hard hitting beat that will immediately catch and remain in your head. "Sunlight On My Porch" is my personal favorite on this release. Almost a response to "It Can Get Better" in the sense it's like the aftermath of an internal battle and coming out on top. The chill vibe of this track is the perfect backdrop to the lyrics which are full of hope and self-realization. This is one great record so pick up your copy now!

Each lathe cut vinyl disc is cut to order and runs at 45rpm. Comes packaged with a black inner sleeve and clear archival quality outer sleeve.

It Can Get Better

Sunlight On My Porch

**A note about lathe cut records: These are lo-fi, may have a lower volume and extra weight may be needed on the tone arm; try a penny or two.


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