The Hiroshima Mockingbirds 7″ 45 RPM Lathe Cut Vinyl Single


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Wondertone Records is proud to present our sixth release from The Hiroshima Mockingbirds!

The Hiroshima Mockingbirds fist reached out to order a few discs from me but when I heard them I had to release their music on Wondertone. A bit of punk, a bit of garage rock and a bit of old school rock n' roll paired with their biting lyrics are a match made in music heaven. I have a thing for punk and bands that put a lot of thought into what they say and The Hiroshima Mockingbirds deliver. "Boom Boom" on the A side is a hard and fast tack that gets right to the point. "Chasing Cars" on the B side take a more storied approach and for me I feel a lot of old school Sabbath vibes. I love this single so much and I'm incredibly proud to present this to you all.

Each lathe cut vinyl disc is cut to order and runs at 45rpm. Comes packaged with a black inner sleeve and clear archival quality outer sleeve.

Boom Boom

Chasing Cars

**A note about lathe cut records: These are lo-fi, may have a lower volume and extra weight may be needed on the tone arm; try a penny or two.


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